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New to Titanium. Can't find any tutorials on getting started for v. 1.0

I've watched several "tutorials", but they mostly talked about overviews, features, submitting the app process, etc. … but no real how-to tutorials. So far it seems that you pretty much just have to read the APIs and figure it out yourself. But that's like reading the dictionary in order to write a short story. It doesn't help much beyond vocabulary. I need a "follow the instructions as you click here and add this code, then build …"

I finally found one tutorial called "Titanium Mobile: Lab Session (Part Two)" that was sort of a step-by-step guide. That seemed useful, but as soon as I tried to build I received an error that this project couldn't be built since it was version .04 and I needed code for version .09x or higher! Maybe I'm missing the idea, but if it's javascript, html, and CSS, then why does that matter? It sure does though.

Anyway, I just need some beginning step-by-step tutorials for a couple of simple apps so I can figure out the workflow and what goes where. I've been unable to find any tutorials for version 1.0. And if the code doesn't build (like the code less than .09 I guess?) I can't really figure this out.


— asked March 31st 2010 by Robert Cruse
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4 Answers

  • Hi Robert,

    I'd recommend just playing with the Kitchen Sink demo app and then looking at its source code - you will get a better feel for how things work from there than any of the available tutorials IMHO.

    The starting point for a Titanium app is the app.js file. From there you create windows, and within a window attach views to display content (like a Table View, which is an iphone native UI element). This is all written in the javascript API provided by Titanium.

    The html/css has to do with one type of view, the web view, which is a webkit (browser) instance - the web view will reference an HTML file for its view content and there's where the html/css come into play. So the "develop your apps in html/css" is probably somewhat misleading in this sense, it confused me at first as well because I was lead to believe ALL UI content was done in html/css, which is not the case.

    — answered March 31st 2010 by ambert ho
  • I think the Snapost video provides a good overview of a simple 1.0 app.

    — answered March 31st 2010 by James K
  • Download the samples and check out the codes.

    I find that I learn fastest this way….

    — answered April 1st 2010 by Peter Lum
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