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"Back" button in title bar?

How would I generate a button in a new window's title bar with the "Back" arrow-alike aesthetic?

— asked March 12th 2010 by Brian Blakely
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1 Answer

  • If you open a new window with and it has a bar at the top it will have a button to the previous page automatically. You can also put a button into the bar on your own

    var back = Ti.UI.createButton({
        title: "Back",
    back.addEventListener("click", function() {
    — answered March 12th 2010 by Rob Edgell
    • I know it´s three years ago you answered this, but I have search all day for a simple answer and you gave it to me. Thanks a lot for that :) Worked perfectly!

      — commented January 16th 2013 by Johanna Szepanski
    • I did this, but I don't see the back button in the title?

      — commented May 20th 2013 by Shlomo Aran
    • Hi Shlomo,

      What's your windows variable set as? If you're using CommonJS, then you can try…

      function someCoolWindow() {
        var self = Ti.UI.createWindow(...);
        var backButton = Ti.UI.createButton(...);
        self.leftNavButton = backButton;
        return self;
      module.exports = someCoolWindow;

      — commented May 20th 2013 by Paul Nelson
    • If you have just a .js file and are using say


      as your window variable, then you can do

      win.leftNavButton = backButton

      — commented May 20th 2013 by Paul Nelson
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