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Packaging Error (iPhone mobile SDK 0.9.3)


I'm ready to distribute my application, and I can't package it. I'm using Titanium Developer 1.1. Every time I try to, I get an error, and all it says is "Packaging error" and nothing else. If I package with the 1.1 mobile SDK, it works. But really unfortunate for me, I need to package with 0.9.3. Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this error?

Any help is appreciated.

— asked April 4th 2010 by David Fox
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2 Answers

  • To package for distribution, you need an App Store Distribution certificate together with a App Store Distribution Provisioning Profile.

    Read up in Apple Developer Center.

    — answered April 4th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • Thanks for the response, but I have everything I need to create the distribution package. It works creates it with no problem if I select the 1.1.2 mobile SDK. But I need to build with the 0.9.3 SDK, which just gives that error every time. But then just switching the SDK and going back to the distribute tab makes it work. So I'm 99% sure it has nothing to do with my certificates or how I have it set up. Also, I'm testing with the default blank application, so I don't think it could be my app either.

    More ideas are appreciated.

    — answered April 4th 2010 by David Fox
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