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Titanium.Media.createSound issue, and app.js

Hello guys, i have 2 questions:

1) When i use Titanium.Media.createSound(), the sound play fine, but in my taskbar (the one in the botton right, where there is the date the volume etc etc), everytime i play a sound, appear a little blue codec icon (ffdshow audio decoder)…
this means that if i play a sound when i push a button, i'll have soon 15/20 icons spam all over the bar…

Here a screenshot:

I don't think this is normal… i'm doing something wrong?

Thanks, Andrea.

— asked April 4th 2010 by Andrea Sancio
  • app.js
  • codec
  • createsound

1 Answer

  • Can someone help me with this Audio issue? I had to remove all the sound from my application… thanks.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Andrea Sancio
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