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Titanium 1.2 Will Not Import Projects

I recently was able to download Titanium 1.2. Once I downloaded it I received and error message saying that there were modules missing. After seeing another post I completely removed Titanium and re-installed. Since then I have run into the following problems.

  1. There are no previous versions of the SDK available. The only option I have is 1.2.0 (for mobile), when the project I am working in was coded in 1.1.0 I managed to get the old SDK's from a co-worker, however how else can I get them?

  2. I can no longer import projects into Titanium. If I attempt to import Kitchen Sink (1.2 or older versions) nothing happens, and if I attempt to import the project I have been working on for the last 4 weeks nothing happens. This makes it impossible for me to continue to my development.

  3. If I attempt to create a new 1.2.0 mobile project there is no way to test it in the emulators. When I click the tab 'Test & Package' and select Run Emulator the screen is just gray. There is no terminal at all, no options to choose my SDK or anything.

Please advise how to fix this as the latest release has essentially removed my ability to develop using Titanium.

Also, I am programming on a 32 bit XP desktop writing Android applications.

Thank you in advance!

— asked April 6th 2010 by Spencer Smith
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  • Accepted Answer

    If you need a workaround for the create new project problem. See this item

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Don Thorp
  • We just pushed a quick fix for this - 1.2.1. Hopefully this will resolve this issue. Sorry 'bout that.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
  • Me too, the same problems. Importing projects does not do anything and there is no way to test a new project, no options to choose SDK.
    I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Anh Tuan Kieu
  • Thank you for the quick update. I am now able to import projects, however I am still having issues using it.

    1. When I make changes Titanium will not re-build the file. In specific I am making changes to app.js and the changes are not reflected in my builds.

    2. From the first list I posted issues 2 and 3 still exist. I went ahead and created a couple of pasties and screen shots to help explain the issue (I hope I am posting these questions in the correct page).

    Titanium output when a change has been made to my app.js file and the app is re-launched. Note that the change is not reflected in the running emulator: http://pastie.org/906108

    Titanium Screen shots of a 1.2 project that I created: http://imagerack.net/out.php/i214_titanium1.png

    Screen shot when I try and run it on an emulator

    Hope that helps resolve these issues, thank you for the quick response!

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Spencer Smith
  • Hi everyone !
    I'm having the same issue on Windows 7 32Bits (developping Android too).
    Can't import and Android tab is not available (like Spencer's screenhot).

    But everything work fine when I create a project using Titanium SDK 1.1.2.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Jeremy Sculfort
  • On #3 follow Ticket 731 we didn't notice last night that it wasn't generating the build folder. Sorry for the problem, we're working on a fix.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Don Thorp
  • Thank you for the assistance Don. The only issue I am still dealing with is creating a new project in 1.2.0. I will use the work around for the time being. Issue number 2 in my original list seems to be resolved as well. I am not sure if it was an error in our project, or if it was an error in the original 1.2 Titanium release (I am now running 1.2.1). In addition we had to set the SDK back down to 1.1.2 in order to get it to pick up changes (so it could be related to the missing build folder).

    Thank you again!

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Spencer Smith
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