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Preserve Tab Bar Android

Hi guys,

I am building an app for Android and with the kitchen sink example the tabgroup only displays at the first entry of the application and after going to one level down in any screen the tabgroup disappears. I want to preserve the tab group regardless of where ever the user navigates to? is this possible?

And also in android do i always have to open a new window to go one level down because i noticed the back button closes the entire application if i did not open up a new window? anywork around with this?

— asked April 11th 2010 by sanchit sharma
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  • 963 views and no response? What's up?

    — commented July 30th 2012 by Francis Meetze

3 Answers

  • Hi,

    I am looking for the same thing (preserving the tab bar), did you find any solution ??

    Any ideas by other ones ??


    — answered June 10th 2011 by abbdoul ab
  • I have the same question.

    — answered March 11th 2012 by Gabor Peto
  • Solution to the back button issue is easy: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/118993/how-to-fire-androidback-or-simulate-back-button-click

    Still not sure about the tab group being obscured by heavyweight windows. I noticed even the Kitchen Sink has this happen. Is this an Android peculiarity or is it a problem with the implementation in Titanium? Either way, is there a workaround? I haven't found it yet.

    — answered July 31st 2012 by John Gould
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