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Cannot upload packaged app due to codesign errors, why?

When I package my app for distribution to the iTunes store everything goes fine until I try and upload the zip file, then I get this error:

Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate.

I only have the one set of certificates, I generated these online just before packaging the app, so I am at a loss as to why it doesn't like them.

Can anyone help?

P.S. I have tried using the website to upload and the application loader both fail.

I have now tried a new distribution certificate, provisioning certificate and app id, same result, so where am I going wrong? Anyone have any ideas?

— asked April 13th 2010 by Stephen Page
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4 Answers

  • With the new distribution cert and provisioning profile, did you do a BUILD for distrbution to generate a zip file?

    Also, did you use 1.x.x and above for Titanium mobile SDK?

    — answered April 13th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • I am also getting this error with any of the SDKs since upgrading to 1.2.0 and have also downloaded new certificates to no avail. Is there any way to force Titanium (1.2.1) to select a different Distribution Certificate, because I only have the one in the dropdown and I'd like to make sure that it is pointing to the current one?

    — answered April 13th 2010 by Troy Taylor
  • I have the same exact problem, built with Titanium 1.2.0 and selected 3.1 for packaging failed on both web and application loader submit. Have rebuilt distribution and provisioning profile but same result, no go. I've been battling this for most of the day, any suggestion would be appreciate.


    — answered April 14th 2010 by Daniel Lim
  • I used 1.2.0 and I also tried 1.1.2 and generated a build.

    I get the zip file but apple will not accept it, that is the problem.

    — answered April 15th 2010 by Stephen Page
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