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App Rejected - UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities Missing?

Hi Guys.

I have submitted my app but after 2 weeks at App Store Review status, I have received an email from Apple to say…

###Thank you for submitting 'AppName'. We have reviewed your application and have determined that it cannot be posted to the App Store at this time because 'AppName' requires functionality specific to the iPhone, but the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key in the application's Info.plist does not reflect this requirement.

###Since 'AppName' requires iPhone 3G functionality, it is appropriate to configure the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key accordingly. This key prevents users from installing applications on unsupported devices. For additional information on the specific key, review the dictionary keys tables found in the iPhone Application Programming Guide, under the "Device Support" section:


###In order for your application to be reconsidered for the App Store, please resolve this issue and upload your new binary to iTunes Connect.

My app uses URL opens to 'Tel', 'SMS', 'Email', 'GPS', 'GMaps'.

Can anyone advise what I should be doing to rectify this issue?

Thanks in advance.

— asked April 14th 2010 by null null
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3 Answers

  • You can find information from Apple on what these keys are and how to add them.

    The easiest way to customize your Info.plist in Titanium:

    1. Rename the file Info.plist.template in PROJECT&#x2F;build&#x2F;iphone to a temp file name - something like foo.plist.
    2. Double click on this file in finder or from command line: open foo.plist.
    3. Add the key and value using the Property List Editor
    4. Save your file
    5. Rename it back to Info.plist.template
    6. Rebuild your app.
    7. Double-check under PROJECT&#x2F;build&#x2F;iphone&#x2F;build&#x2F;Debug-iphonesimulator&#x2F;APP.app&#x2F;Info.plist and make sure the key is still there…
    — answered April 15th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
  • I have being trying to add the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities Key, but it aways go back ta a older version, doesn't matter what I do. Tryied editing Info.plist.template with Property List Editor, TextMate and Xcode. no Success.

    Any clues on how I can test this?

    — answered May 29th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
    • Yeah, there's some changes between releases for this.

      The easiest way right now is simply to change the Info.plist file under &#x2F;Library&#x2F;Application Support&#x2F;Titanium&#x2F;mobilesdk&#x2F;osx&#x2F;1.3.0&#x2F;iphone

      — commented May 29th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
    • Thanks Jeff, will take a look.

      — commented May 29th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • status on this issue… I am about to launch a couple apps with dialers.

    — answered June 9th 2010 by vincent youmans
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