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Getting A URL in a child Window

Quick sharing of something I figured out.

NOTE: This has only been used on Titanium Desktop. It may be totally different in Mobile.

Some Oauth authentication methods require you to run part of it through the web with a callback URL where they provide the key or token appended to the URL. You can pop open a window and send the user through the auth process, but how do you know when it's completed and what the returned code is?

I thought that the Titanium.UI.UserWindow.getURL method would work, but that always returns the initial value the window was opened with, not the value of the window's current URL.

Then I discovered Titanium.UI.UserWindow.getWindow. It basically makes a copy of the child window's window object in memory that you can inspect to your heart's delight.

So you set up the new window…

newWindow = Titanium.UI.createWindow('app://sample.html');
doyay = setInterval("checkURL()",1000);

The variable doyay sets up a repeating event. Every second or so, it runs the checkURL() function until it's told to unset the interval.

function checkURL(oldval){
  var teddy =  newWindow.getWindow();
  if(teddy.document.URL == '[the url you want it to equal]'){
    // run a function that processes the data from the window.

AFAIK, Titanium.UI.WebView.url should deliver this same data. The API actually says the value changes as the webview is navigated by internal links. But in Desktop, using GetURL on a child window from the parent/master window doesn't necessarily provide the window's current URL.

One caveat, that window object can be pretty large, so if you're trying to be memory conscious, be careful with it.

— asked April 18th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
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  • Thanks for this! Unfortunately getURL still hasnt been fixed yet. Does anyone have any other possible workarounds for this?

    — commented November 28th 2011 by Gaurav DCosta

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