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Zoom transform on CoverFlowView

Hi all,
I have 145x145px images that I would like to load in a CoverFlowView. I would like them to appear a bit larger and tried to put a zoom transform on the whole CoverFlowView object. This somewhat worked on 1.0.0, but in version 1.2.0 CoverFlowView has problems with this: it renders CoverFlowView as if it is in portrait mode, while the device is actually in landscape mode (and therefore it does not use the full width of the screen and I see the right part of the window behind it).

Does anyone know if and how it is possible to scale the images (to larger than 100%) in a CoverFlowView without first preloading all the images and manually resizing them? Preloading is not an option as the images are loaded from a remote URL and this will require too much time to render then..

I hope someone has any suggestions? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

— asked April 22nd 2010 by Robin Schuil
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