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Packaging failed: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects


I recently have a problems with the cloud packaging for a desktop project.
Each time, i have the Packaging failed: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects error's.

It only appear when i try to pack for Windows, not for Mac and Linux.

I'm runing Tinunium on Windows 7, 64bits.

Thanks for your help!

— asked April 23rd 2010 by Jérémy Barbe
  • concatenate
  • connot
  • desktop
  • failed
  • pack
  • win64

2 Answers

  • Make sure your application has a version matching the format '0.1.0' and doesn't contain any non-numeric characters (other than periods).

    — answered April 23rd 2010 by Martin Robinson
  • I had the same problem this evening and, prompted by somebody mentioning a licence agreement they'd placed with their app (they thought it may be too long), I remembered I'd recently updated mine. Looking closer at it there were two instances of "curly" quotes in the text. Changing these to ordinary quotes meant my build for Windows sailed through!

    Not that I am saying this would work for everybody but, beyond sacrificing that chicken again, it's something else worth trying to get round this niggling problem.

    — answered January 22nd 2011 by Patrick Mounteney
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