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Cookies and Webviews again

How do I make a cookie obtained via an httpclient request get used in a subsequent webview?

A previous 'answer' merely stated that the respondent had found a way to enter the cookies into a webview.db by reading the older support forums.

These are no longer available, there is of course nothing in the documentation, can anybody tell me anything about a webview database?



— asked April 29th 2010 by John Holman
  • cookies
  • webview
  • webview.db

2 Answers

  • 10 months later, same question.
    How to manually set a cookie for a given host for WebView?

    — answered February 14th 2011 by Thomas Dall'Agnese
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    • with javascript… your question is different from this original question

      — commented February 14th 2011 by Aaron Saunders
  • i am also struggling with this (the original question) using android. not the webview database part, but attempting to use a xhr cookie in a webview. this is what i have done so far:

    in my xhr.onload:

    Ti.App.my_cookie = xhr.getResponseHeader("Set-Cookie");

    then in webview.beforeload:


    but it always hangs on setting the cookie, showing a line like this in the android emulator log:

    D/TiWebViewBinding( 1369): (main) [4,5966] getJSValue:javascript:_TiReturn.setValue((function(){try{return document.cookie=cookie_monster=blahblah; path=/; HttpOnly;+"";}catch(ti_eval_err){return '';}})());

    i am not sure where the


    in the log comes from, and maybe that is messing stuff up, but if i set it to an empty cookie (evalJS("document.cookie=")) it doesn't hang and shows a log with:

    {try{return document.cookie+"";}

    and the cookie is empty.

    so… more of another question than an answer, is this not working the way it's supposed to, or am i doing something wrong?

    — answered September 14th 2011 by Jay Becker
    • that inline comment apparently doesn't like quotes, supposed to look like:


      — commented September 14th 2011 by Jay Becker
    • of you ask me
      Schould be
      The cookie is a string and must have quotes

      — commented April 23rd 2012 by Gert Vanbeckevoort
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