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Kroll, PHP and the limitations.

Was wondering about the PHP implementation in Kroll.
So far, I have been unable to access, the PDO and the SQL Lite function libraries.

I'm working on a desktop application.

Is there a list of PHP functions that may not work from within Titanium (Desktop, Mobile and iPad)?

— asked April 30th 2010 by Leonard Charles
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4 Answers

  • Hey Leonard

    PHP is currently only available on Desktop (mobile is Javascript only). As far as the libraries available, both PDO and SQLite should be available IIRC, which platform are you developing on? You can see the build configuration we use with each platform's PHP build here:

    PHP Build Notes

    — answered April 30th 2010 by Marshall Culpepper
  • When using PHP classes in the top-level namespace you'll need to manually access them like this:
    <script type="text/php">
    $x = new SimpleXMLElement($someText);

    — answered April 30th 2010 by Martin Robinson
  • I too have been unable to use SQLite. Whenever I attempt to use it I get the error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function sqlite_open() in…"

    It would be really nice to have a database that PHP can work with locally. I am currently trying to build an app that would need to work completely off of a cd rom and some of the libraries that I want to use are reliant on PHP and a local database.

    — answered May 19th 2010 by Jason Wright
  • Per the build instructions that they appear to be using http://groups.google.com/group/appcelerator-titanium/web/php-build-notes?pli=1 is looks like they don't have SQLite support compiled in.

    You would need to build Titanium yourself, and modify the configure line to include --with-sqlite.

    This will ensure that SQLite support is included in the titanium build.

    — answered July 23rd 2011 by Graham Weldon
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