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Java applet support in Desktop app?

I have an app built with ExtJS that uses Java applets for stripchart displays. I have been able to get everything to work as a Titanium Desktop application except for the applets. Is this possible now? If not, will Desktop ever support applets?

— asked May 2nd 2010 by Keith Powell
  • applet
  • desktop
  • extjs
  • java
  • I would like this feature as well as long with flash to extend the UI. I would also like to be able to build java modules as well to extend the backend.

    — commented February 12th 2011 by Andrew Crook
  • What is the deal with this? Obviously something is blocking applet from running. It's basically using webkit, I don't see why the applets won't run.

    — commented April 20th 2011 by Tim Jones

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