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Add Listener on win.backButton

Is it possible to add an eventListener on win.backButton?

I'm trying to save some information from a textfield when user clicks the back button.

currently i'm passing the information to the "mother window" when the textfield blurs. on the simulator a blur event is fired even when clicking the back button but not on the iphone device.

any idea?

thank you

— asked May 3rd 2010 by Florian Bergmann
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  • iphone
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  • textfield
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    You can replace the left nav button with a custom button and then add Event Listener to it. This works in simulator:

    var win = Titanium.UI.currentWindow;
    var b = Titanium.UI.createButton({title:'Back'});
    win.leftNavButton = b;
    b.addEventListener('click', function()
       alert('I was clicked'); // to confirm its being called
       // do the stuff here
    — answered May 3rd 2010 by Masood Nasir
  • Thank you, great. I've made now a much more complex solution but it works too and might be handy in some other case:

    on the main window:

    Titanium.App.addEventListener('saveForm', function(e){
      if (e.fid == "domagic" && e.value == "true") {
        form[e.fid] = e.value;
    childWin.addEventListener("close", function(e) {
       if (form.foobar != "") {
         Titanium.App.fireEvent("saveForm",{form: "domagic", value: "true"});
      } else {
         Titanium.App.fireEvent("saveForm",{form: "domagic", value: "false"});

    and on the child window

    someField.addEventListener('change', function(e){ 
        Titanium.App.fireEvent("saveForm",{form: e.source.fid, value: e.source.value});
    — answered May 3rd 2010 by Florian Bergmann
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