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Being a necessary part of developing an app, I need to have my app tested by a few people who are not in my office. What is the best method for doing this with Titanium projects? Since we can't really just modify the XCode project without other complications, can I use the Titanium Developer tool to upload my Ad Hoc profile and build for distribution with that? I saw a solution that involves passing out my developer profile, and want to know if there are any issues with that, expecially when the app must be sent out to several testers?

— asked May 8th 2010 by Ben Hornedo
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1 Answer

  • It seems to me passing out your profile violates apple terms, but that may not be true. It is hard to remember everything in the 37 pages of the terms.

    That might be something good to post here:

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Stan Thompson
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