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Titanium 1.2.1 can't find SDK!!

OSX 10.5.7, iPhone SDK 3.1.3, XCode builds apps fine.
Install latest Titanium 1.2.1 - cant find iPhone SDK.
Spent 3 hours trying to get help etc

Appcelerator website says need "at least" iPhone sdk 3.2 if i want to develop for both the iphone and ipad". I only want iphone so it's reasonable to assume Titanium will work with my platform and sdks.

No help anywhere - I've looked for hours.
No min specs doc for iphone dev anywhere.
No download of older Titanium builds anywhere.
No Titanium SDK downloads anywhere.

Why is it so hard to get decent apps these days????

Any help much appreciated…

— asked May 8th 2010 by Andy Ward
  • 3.1.3
  • mobile
  • sdk

5 Answers

  • I just jumped into Titanium recently, started with xcode and iphone sdk 3.2 install and it works fine. It installs all the way down to SDK 3 so you can target older releases, not sure if it's a help but grabbing the current release of xode from the iphone dev center is something to try.

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Brian Raymond
  • Thanks for the reply but no it doesn't help. iPhone SDK requires snow leopard and I'm on leopard only. All these dev tools are forgetting about leopard :(

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Andy Ward
  • I meant SDK 3.2 req Snow Leopard.

    Damned reply seems to appear above your reply too - software eh!!!

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Andy Ward
  • I also have the same problem, except I never had a working version of titanium. Xcode itself works like a charm since years, as other forums suggested I removed the accents from my name and contact details but clearly can't get titanium to identify my iphone sdk 3.2 (latest final downloaded 3 hours ago). Reinstalled titanium, reinstalled apple's sdk, but can't seem to load SDK.

    Any suggestions?

    — answered May 9th 2010 by Janos Veres
  • Not sure if will help… I'm in the same situation but running on Snow Leopard, Titanium 1.2.1

    I tried to run the app in debug mode and I found something that may look weird, here's the console output:


    Hope someone can have a thought about.


    — answered May 27th 2010 by Joe Maffia
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