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Recover Deleted App Files

I imported an app in Titanium from an external drive. I wanted to move it to my internal drive before working on it, so I deleted the app from Titanium.

Turns out, that also deleted my project files. Is this a behavior that can be changed? Now I will need to rebuild my app from scratch again.

— asked May 10th 2010 by Jeremy Flint
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5 Answers

  • Unfortunately, Titanium does not provide a mechanism for recovering these files. In Developer, when you delete a project, an alert dialogue pops up asking you whether or not you would like to delete the project files. Clicking okay a second time deletes the project files, while clicking cancel leaves them intact.

    Your files are likely recoverable with a disk utility like this one for Windows or this one for Mac. CNET's download.com provides several other options as well.

    — answered May 10th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • then can i know how to delete a project? is that just delete from the project directory that we choose? can tell me?

    — answered May 15th 2010 by dev lim
  • Warning dialogs only go so far…

    A couple changes in Titanium would help users avoid this extremely unpleasant situation:

    1) Make two options, clearly distinguished:

    • remove the project [reference] from Titanium's project list
    • remove project files entirely

    2) When removing project files, send them to the trash instead of removing from disk.

    — answered March 27th 2011 by Jeff Schuler
  • My project got deleted when I was moving from titanium developer to titanium studio tried everything data recovery software can't even find the files. I don't get a pop up in titanium developer but I do in studio so I learnt to back up.

    — answered April 19th 2011 by travis k
  • Apps - is also Data part, so Recovery Softwares will help you.But not all Recovery softwares are good.
    Personally, I use the Hetman Data Recovery Pack. This program is excellent means for the solution of problems with restoration of the file of any prescription. The product recovers all remote files and folders almost instantaneous. Supporting restoration of all types of files, including the documents Office, digital photos, a MP3 and ZIP archives, this program will quickly and safely return all your data. If you cleared a basket or deleted the important document without its involvement, formatted the memory stick or "lost" your files on already unavailable hard drive, Hetman Data Recovery Pack will help with any situation.
    alt text

    The software for restoration of files includes the different advanced algorithms allowing Hetman Data Recovery Pack to return remote files and folders, which other products for restoration of files at all don't see.
    The tool carefully scans all hard drive or completely reads out data from the memory stick. Then compares the acquired information to a database of all known file formats. Such algorithm of restoration of data allows to find all remote files of any formats even if any records about them didn't remain in file system.
    alt text

    Recovering a software can return remote files from all types of stationary and portable carriers, internal and secondary storage devices of data, memory sticks, USB drives, and also MP3 players and the digital cameras connected to the PC through the USB cable.

    All information on a product on an official site of developers: http://hetmanrecovery.com

    — answered August 4th 2013 by Hakim Barnes
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