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Titanium Memory Usage vs Air Memory Usage

Hi, I just wrote a very basic titanium hello world application for the desktop (win 32, XP pro). It uses almost 40,000k of memory in comparison to a video player I created with Adobe Air months ago that only utilizes 3,000k of memory.

Is there a way around this? It also seems that the memory usage continues to rise as i type.

Please advise…

— asked May 11th 2010 by Jason Webb
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2 Answers

  • do you mind sharing your project so we can run it ourselves?

    — answered May 11th 2010 by Clint Tredway
  • Hey Jason

    Were you using the sandbox for your hello world app? If not, which languages did you select to enable in your project's creation? Each new language you enable can add a fair amount of memory usage.

    — answered May 11th 2010 by Marshall Culpepper
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