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Google Apps login integration with Titanium Mobile

Hi all, i'm trying for the last 3 days to integrate google apps login form using a webview.

Problem is the page is showing allright, i can login, but how can i determine if login is successful so i can close the webview and continue in my application?

Any ideas? Or suggestions of a better approach?
Any code examples, or library that could help me is welcome…

Thanks to all in advance :-)

— asked May 12th 2010 by Marc Deschamps
  • google
  • iphone
  • login
  • oauth
  • sso

3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Hey Marc,

    Unfortunately, oAuth is anything but trivial in a client application. We don't have any examples handy for you, but I think your best bet with Google services is ClientLogin.

    — answered May 12th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • Thanks, i'll have a look at ClientLogin. It seems it is for accessing google own services…

    I have deployed my own google apps, on my own domain, The app itself can login ok using google's login form.

    Now i'm trying to reuse the same form to allow my Titanium mobile application user's to login to my google apps. I tough i could use webview, but i can't interract with it. Since i have control on the success page, maybe i could put a javascript in the success page to generate an event that i can trap or listen to in Titanium.

    — answered May 13th 2010 by Marc Deschamps
  • Important: ClientLogin has been officially deprecated as of April 20, 2012. It will continue to work as per our deprecation policy, but we encourage you to migrate to OAuth 2.0 as soon as possible.

    — answered August 16th 2013 by Jayesh Joshi
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