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Yet another Ti text editor: Titanium mobile API 1.3.0 autocomplete in Notepad ++

This is an implementation of Appcelerator's Titanium API (mobile) in Notepad++.
Some Javascript keywords included.

Grab it at: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dfrprrw7_19cvmjqkck

Be sure to download Notepad++ plugin, not Scite.


Unzip the download. Windows:
Copy titanium.xml into folder Programfiles/Notepad++/plugins/apis
Copy userDefineLang.xml into folder users/yourname/Appdata/Roaming/Notepad++
If you already have a userDefineLang.xml (most people wont), google how to add the Titanium entry here (open downloaded file, extract the text, and enter into existing file).

Open Notepad++.
First goto (Notepad++)->Settings tab->Preferences, and goto Backup/Auto-Completion,
Check "Enable Autocomplete on each input"
Choose 'Function Completion' radio button
From the 1-th character (or 2 or 3, whatever you want to start autocompletion after X characters)
Check "Function parameters hint on input".

Select Language menu -> User defined language -> Titanium


Type 1-2 characters and get the Titanium API in a select box.
Select an entry.
Enter "Ti", select Titanium, then enter CTRL + SPACE, get the select box again, then enter a "." followed by one of the next letters of the required function (this scrolls the select box).

For parameters: After selecting a complete function: enter "(" and get a list of arguments as well as a function description :-) . Enter a variable name and "," to get to the next variable.
Enter ")" to close the function. Enter ";".

Tested on Windows 7 with Notepad++ v5.6.8

Have fun,


— asked May 15th 2010 by Rudolf Bumm
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