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Open new window from mapView show white screen

I am trying to open an new window from the mapview by clicking on an annotation rightbutton.

var win3 = Titanium.UI.createWindow({  
        title:'Tab 3',
mapview.addEventListener('click', function(evt)
        var annotation = evt.annotation;
        var title = evt.title;
        var clickSource = evt.clicksource;
        var url = evt.annotation.test;

        Ti.API.info('mapview click clicksource = ' + url);
        // use custom event attribute to determine if atlanta annotation was clicked
        if (evt.clicksource == 'rightButton')
            win3.title = 'New Title';

But all I get is a blank screen, no title bar. I can add labels, and buttons, but just no title! Help! I think I have exhausted every possible solution that I know of!

— asked May 22nd 2010 by Ian Tearle
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