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obtaining current scaling of a view

I have a ScrollableView containing several ImageViews. I want the user to close the view by a pinch gesture. Since I can't find any appropriate event, I'm looking for a way to obtain the current scaling of an image in the imageViews, so that I can close the slide show, when the user zooms out.

It certainly would be better to react on the pinch gesture. Does anyone know a way to get it?

— asked May 23rd 2010 by Klaus Heyne
  • gesture
  • pinch
  • scale
  • scrollableview
  • zoomscale

1 Answer

  • How are you scaling the images?

    If you use the scaling feature of a ScrollView, you can check the zoomScale property to know if the current view is zoomed or not.

    — answered June 30th 2012 by Itay Avtalyon
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