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Current Location Annotation

Has anyone found a way to change the annotation of the blue dot from "Current Location" to something else. I was to add some custom text and possibly add the reverse geolocation info.

— asked May 26th 2010 by Curtis Olson
  • annotation
  • bluedot
  • geolocation
  • iphone
  • Hi Curtis,
    have you found a solution for this ?
    My app is in french, don't want something in English… most of my users won't understand…

    — commented January 26th 2012 by Armindo Da Silva
  • Do you need the "moving in real-time"? as mentioned below? If not just add your own pin and annotation in French using getCurrentLocation() as mentioned.

    — commented January 26th 2012 by Nick Milner
  • Sorry Nick, havn't seen your answer ;-)
    yep I need the moving in real time.
    One of my problem is that I have a ton of windows that use map using the "userLocation" property set to true.
    Changing all windows to add custom annotation and real time moving will be a lot of work.

    — commented January 26th 2012 by Armindo Da Silva

1 Answer

  • Did you find how to do it ? I'm looking for it too…

    I could use an annotation and getCurrentLocation() method, but i want the annotation moving in real time….

    — answered April 29th 2011 by ---------- ----------
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