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I've submitted an app that's now in the app store. I'd like to get the first week of analytics data before making the decision to switch to the Professional account. However, I can't get any analytics either from the IDE or the cloud service. Is there something I need to do to see the data?

Also, I'd like to share this data with my client. Is there support for multiple analytics accounts?



— asked June 1st 2010 by Jose Marinez
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2 Answers

  • If you don't have a Pro account, you can still see the last 7 days worth of data from your app. You can get to analytics by checking out my.appcelerator.com and clicking the "Launch Analytics" button next to the app you want. Alternatively, you can just go straight to the analytics site at http://analytics.appcelerator.com/.

    To share data, you must currently be a Pro user. Then, all you have to do is add your client as a user on your account (you can do that at: https://my.appcelerator.com/account/users). That means your client will be able to see all your apps, though.

    Alternatively, you can flip that on its head and have your client create a Pro (or Enterprise) account and add you as a user. Then just go to your apps page, click "View Details" for the app you want to share, and select your client from the list of organizations to share your app with. They'll then see your app in Analytics.

    — answered June 1st 2010 by Rob Brackett
  • We released a Free Flurry Analytics app for iPhone called Flurrylitics. It lets you see your Flurry Analytics data:

    • Charts
    • Maps
    • Events
    • Event Parameters
    • Countries Breakdown
    • Trend Lines

    We're trying to improve to make our app even better and more useful to you guys, which is why we'd love to hear any possible feedback you might have.

    Please contact us on Twitter (@Flurrylitics) or by email - info@flurrylitics.com

    — answered March 14th 2015 by Flurrylitics App
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