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Unable to package my project

Hello, I'm working on a old project started whit sdk 0.8.2, my app is for sale in the app store since 3 months and I have to package the new app whit a very important update.
Now, when I try to package my app whit the sdk 0.8.2 Titanium show me a generic error "packaging error".
What I have to do? sdk 0.8.2 is present on MAC>Library>Application Support>Titanium>Mobilesdk>osx>0.8.2
Please help me!

— asked June 3rd 2010 by Stefano Di Luca
  • 0.8.2
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  • Have you checked your distribution certificate and distribution provisioning profile to make sure they're both still valid? What OS version and iPhone SDK version do you have installed? Also, are you able to package for distribution using newer versions of the SDK?

    — commented June 3rd 2010 by Kevin Whinnery

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