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Building a titanium module with xcode that uses other libraries

I have a Titanium module and i want to use it for voice over ip using pjsip. I have changed the project settings the following way:

  • added to the other linker flags the libraries from pjsip
  • added to the header search paths the headers from pjsip
  • added to the library search paths the libraries from pjsip

If i do these things for a normap iPhone app it works i can make calls i have tested it and made a wrapper class that has methods like makeCall, hangup. etc. But i want to use this class together with the libraries from pjsip in a Titanium module.

It gives me errors like:

implicit declaration of function 'pjsua_perror'
implicit declaration of function 'pjsua_destroy'
'pjsua_config' undeclared (first use in this function)

These are all part of pjsip (pjsua_perror and pjsua_destroy are functions and pjsua_config is a struct)

Does it work this way? Can i include other libraries in a library/module? What is the difference between making an app that uses libraries and making a module that uses libraries?

— asked June 4th 2010 by Gyozo Kudor
  • iphone
  • library
  • module
  • pjsip
  • titanium
  • voip
  • xcode
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  • Hello Gyozo,
    did you find an answer to your problem already?


    — commented June 15th 2010 by Martin Lasak

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