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extensions documentation clarification.

in the documentation…

Question: is this documentation section correct?
there is a reference to:
var mymodule = Titanium.Myfirst

its a little confusing as far as naming conventions go.

there is a section:

<module version="0.1">mymodule</module>

Currently, all modules will be available only via the Titanium namespace. For example, if your module is named MyFirstModule, you would access module APIs via the API: Titanium.Myfirst. The module in the name will automatically be removed when resolving your module. Also, all characters after the first are always lower-cased.


var mymodule = Titanium.Myfirst;

This will simply assign your module to a variable. You can simply ignore the return value since we're just making the app load the app.

At this point, the module should have been loaded and you should see a log message in the console of Titanium Developer.

— asked June 7th 2010 by vincent youmans
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