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Titanium.Network.online reporting a false positive

The first line of my app.js reads,

Titanium.API.info('Titanium.Network.online: ' + Titanium.Network.online);

This prints out 'Titanium.Network.online: true', even if my WIFI is off (and I'm not plugged in). I am apparently getting a false positive on my device too. This is in sdk 1.3.1. Am I misusing the API or is it a bug you think?

— asked June 8th 2010 by Andrew Blair
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  • i have also same problem .Even if your WIFI is off it showing True.what i found is "Titanium.Network.networkTypeName" is mobile not WIFI.That means Titanium.Network.online based on mobile settings .it checking only mobile network neither WiFI nor LAN.

    — commented August 1st 2011 by Justin Mathew

1 Answer

  • I've tried this in an app.js (SDK1.3.1) :
    Titanium.API.info('Titanium.Network.online: ' + Titanium.Network.online);

    it gave me the right status :
    [INFO] Titanium.Network.online: false

    is it on iPhone or android?

    you can also use :
    if (Titanium.Network.networkType == Titanium.Network.NETWORK_NONE) {}

    — answered June 8th 2010 by Stephane Pelamourgues
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