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Kitchen Sink 1.3 not loading

I tried to load the Kitchen Sink 1.3 version and got an error
saying it failed to install.
[ERROR] Failed installing com.nolanwright.kitchensink: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk

I have the 1.3 Titanium SDK set for the project.
Any ideas, I downloaded it from the Appcelerator website no Github. Does the Github have everything?

I am testing in Android emulator 2.1, on Windows Vista.

— asked June 9th 2010 by Carlos Mosqueda
  • 1.3
  • android
  • kitchen
  • sink
  • same problem here. I tried installing github, but it still won't run. Now i get:
    [TRACE] app property, ti.android.debug : false
    [TRACE] app property, ti.facebook.appid : 134793934930
    [TRACE] app property, ti.android.google.map.api.key.development : 0ZnKXkWA2dIAu2EM-OV4ZD2lJY3sEWE5TSgjJNg
    [TRACE] app property, ti.android.google.map.api.key.production : GET_ME_FROM_GOOGLE
    Fastdev server already running for com.appcelerator.titanium

    — commented September 1st 2011 by Martin Schimmel
  • I also had a same problem but when I run it on device so it install and runs properly but not on simulator

    — commented January 26th 2012 by Umaid Saleem

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