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Noob Questions.


As a noob I have a few starter questions I was hoping someone here could lend a hand with. I'll try to keep it readable and I apologize in advance if my questions have already been answered somewhere else.

1.) This relates to interface design for mobile apps. Can appcelerator run the JQTouch/JQuery interface(s)?

2.) Can data stored on a web server running IIS/asp applications deliver data via AJAX remotely to a mobile app?

3.) How is AJAX data delivered to the app? Is it possible for appcelerator to handle JSON and/or XML via JQuery style AJAX?

4.) How are custom libraries handled in appcelerator? Is it just like in a web browser via include files (.js libraries) in the head of the document?

That's all for now. I really appreciate the help.


— asked June 12th 2010 by Jason Barnes
  • ajax
  • asp
  • include file
  • interface
  • jqtouch
  • libraries
  • remote

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