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Build Failed

I keep having a problem when I go to build a project. Does't matter if its a new or old project I get the same error.

It will build then give me this error:

[ERROR] Build Failed. Please see output for more details

I am using the the 1.3 Titanium SDK, and newest XCode build from Apple.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


— asked June 14th 2010 by donovan lewis
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5 Answers

  • I had this same problem after upgrading to the latest xCode SDK 4. Worked and worked on it. Finally a pain in the butt solution.

    Trash Titanium from your /Application directory
    Trash /Library/Application Support/Titanium
    Trash ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium

    Re-install Titanium…

    Launch it, let it do its updates.

    Quit Titanium.

    Apply the patch listed here (http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2010/05/titanium-and-iphone-os-4.html)

    After that, relaunch Titanium and import your projects.

    It worked for me at least. Running latest Xcode on Snow Leopard.

    Hope this helps.

    — answered June 15th 2010 by Chris Esler
    • While I'm doing with the process on the patch blog, I found that 'mobilesdk' directory is not exist on my OSX. But I can still see the SDK version number on Developer application and I still have 'Build Failed'. Is any here who can help me out?

      — commented June 26th 2010 by Kyungwan Kye
    • It's been fixed. I got confused little bit. Thanks a lot.

      — commented June 26th 2010 by Kyungwan Kye
  • I got the very same problem and posted everywhere about this but unfortunately nobody seems to answer :(

    — answered June 14th 2010 by Thomas Rasmussen
  • Are you both trying to run a project which is including a custom module?
    Hint: click on "toggle output" to see the details.

    — answered June 15th 2010 by Martin Lasak
  • This f**ing killing me. Please fix it! That stops my projects development. I understand that Titanium is quickly developing platform, but it brings so many risks.

    — answered June 23rd 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
  • Thanks for the patch, it solved the issue for me (using SDK 1.3.0)

    Looking forward to 1.4.0 with iOS 4 support.


    — answered July 22nd 2010 by Pieter Kubben
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