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Possible to avoid flush in a HTTPClient Request?

Hi everyone,

I have noticed an interesting issue when making an image upload request using multipart. The request works fine if it is routed through a TCP tunnel which I used for debugging, but not when I go direct to the server.

I used a network sniffer to examine the difference and I saw that the tunnel buffered the entire request before sending to the server, the client however seemed to flush it's buffer and send a partial request to the server which fails (IIS web service backend).

I think I need a way to ensure that HTTPClient does not flush any content and just sends the request in one go, does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks in advance

— asked June 17th 2010 by Niall Roche
  • buffer
  • httpclient
  • httprequest
  • multipart
  • tunnel

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