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transformed and animated elements

For an iPad project I'm trying to animate some images.

There are some issues:

  1. The animated image does not register any event( touch, click ).
    I tried to put the image into a view, animate the view and try to get the event from the image. It's not working either.

I also tried to register the scene view click event and detect the source ( e.source ).When animated the e.source reports the scene itself instead of the image( the click was on the image ), like the image would be a "ghost". When the image is not animating e.source it's reported correctly.

  1. The translated image reports the initial coordinates( left,top ) after it's translated. (a solution would be to update the position when the animation ends, but this can become clumsy for many elements or for a more complex transformation applied to the element )

Any suggestions how to overcome this?

— asked June 18th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • animation
  • coordinates
  • events
  • ipad

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