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3D and zIndex

Hi, I am trying to make a spin, like on the kitchensink example.

    var spin_v_tr =  Ti.UI.create3DMatrix()
    spin_v_tr = spin_v_tr.translate(0,0,1000);
    spin_v_tr = spin_v_tr.rotate(180,0,1,0);

When I do this, while rotating the view takes the most top zIndex.
After the animation completes, the zIndex is restored.

I need to have another view above anything, and I set it's zIndex to 100000, but has no effect.

If I reduce the tz matrix element to a value under 320, some flicker appear. Why?

Any suggestions?

— asked June 21st 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • 3d
  • iphone
  • zindex

1 Answer

  • Nobody?

    — answered June 28th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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