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1.3 android app won't launch

So I just found out that titanium has a bug (one of many, it would seem) on android parsing JSON arrays - the bug being that it simply can't. In an attempt to fix this problem, I switched my app from sdk 1.2 to 1.3 (I read that it was fixed in 1.3) by updating the dropdown in the 'edit' panel.

However, with 1.3 selected, the 'launch' button does nothing. No output in the console. I've tried creating a new project, which has highlighted a number of other bugs. The new project has no build directory, and even when I add the build/android dir to get the launch button to appear, nothing happens when I press it.

Titanium has become incredibly frustrating and the initial potential of saving time has now been massively overshadowed by the time spent attempting to work around bugs in titanium.

If anybody knows how I can get my 1.3 project to build / if JSON arrays work in 1.3 i'll take any help I can get at this point.

Thank you

</desperate rant>

— asked June 21st 2010 by Harry Wincup
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