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Compiled mode versus interpreted mode?

Does anybody have more insight in the compiled vs interpreted mode?
I understand that simulator builds are interpreted mode: If I change the JS files, I don't need to recompile, to get the changes in.
Are on-device runs always fully compiled? Also if I compile from Xcode?
How do I make sure I do a full compile, if I want to? How do I prevent from submitting an 'interpreted mode' app? (if the on-device is always compiled, this should be fine, but how do I make sure? )

The only thing I could find was http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2010/03/introducing-titanium-mobile-1-1.html which isn't that in-depth.

I generally mostly use Xcode, especially for the final builds, as I like the finer control, and the process of putting on device is much more direct.
I would like to learn more of what's happening 'under the hood'.

— asked June 23rd 2010 by Martijn Pannevis
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