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Advertising and Titanium, Take 2----Action

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Ok It's been 2 Weeks now. I see the 1.3.2 Release, I'm using the 1.3.2 release, What i'm looking for is some info on the Modules in the release, If they're in there yet.

At the moment I'm trying to get adsense into my apps in a way that doesn't violate the TOS for adsense. Which is proving challenging, However i'd really like to integrate adwhirl or something similar so that i can have admob and adsense at the same time. Obviously you still need the admob sdk for that to work.

I just want some info about where it stands, I have an awesome platform which has seen my apps take leaps in bounds in only 2 months. But no way to monetize, and therefore makes it useless :(

— asked June 23rd 2010 by Ryan Tregea
  • 1.4
  • admob
  • adsense
  • advertising
  • adwhirl
  • android
  • modules
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  • Ryan, I am in a similar position. My app is ready for launch and I would like to integrate ads into it at the time of the first release.

    Have you tried using the module sdk to integrate 3rd party stuff? My attempts at working through the module sdk implementation have proved futile. Without a proper walkthrough I am dependent on any advertising modules the Dev's may introduce in the new release within Titanium - seems like iAd right now.

    — commented June 24th 2010 by Johnny Basu

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