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Titanium.Network.HTTPClient failing on proxy bypass

Hi Titanium Team!

The TestMaker Editor uses a socket connection to pass command requests to a daemon. All of this runs on a local machine. We use the following code in the Editor:

if (window.environment == "titanium"){
? HTTPclient = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();
? var url = "http://localhost:8888/CurrentScenario";
? HTTPclient.open("GET", url);
? HTTPclient.send("/");
? setTimeout("check();",1000);
? setTimeout("timedCount()",2000); ?

This works correctly in most environments: Windows, Mac, Linux. It fails on Windows XP SP3 environments that use a proxy server.

With the Titanium debug mode on, we see Titanium.Network sending the request to the proxy defined in the Internet Explorer (7.0.5730.13CO), even when the URL is clearly local, and in the IE we have Bypass proxy settings for local address!

We tested the localhost address and it works perfectly fine in IE, but our Titanium application sends the request throw the proxy, and of course the request fails.

Is this a known issue? Is there any fix?

Also is there a way to disable Titanium using IE proxy?

Our current work-arround is to disable proxy from IE while running our application. Is there another option?

Thank you for your great work on Titanium. We hope to resolve this with you.


— asked June 24th 2010 by Frank Cohen
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