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Tip : add new device but build failed with Sign error

I just added iPhone 4 device into development, immediately i see the not signed error while itune sync. I know that has to be profile error as i have not registered the new device ID yet…

So here's the quick steps how to add new device on your existing project …. With OSX

1) Copy new device ID and delete old profile on Xcode

  • Plug in the new phone, Open Xcode, copy the alphanumeric ID then go to Provisioning Profile under IPHONE DEVELOPMENT, select the old development profile and delete it.

2) Register new device for development. Go to Apple Development page, under Devices tab, click add devices button with copied ID from last step. http://developer.apple.com/iphone/manage/overview/index.action

3) Edit old dev profile - Under provisioning > Development, select the old profile, click to modify edit feature, then check to add the new device appeared on Devices list, submit to save.

4) Install new profile on Xcode - Download the new file (ones you just edited), click on the file to install on the Xcode.

5) Install new profile on TI - Select the project you wish to make change. Go to "Run on Device", click "X" icon to remove the old dev profile. Then click on the "folder" icon to locate and install the new profile you downloaded.

6) Restart TI - At this point, the Install Now is gray-out, restart TI and it should be good.

— asked June 25th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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