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Webview on Android and local CSS files


I would like to ask how can I load a local CSS file in a webview on Android. It works on iPhone just writing for example "/css/style.css". It doesn't work on Android. I've tried with "file:///css/style.css" as well without success.


— asked March 18th 2010 by Adam Wallner
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5 Answers

  • I've found the answer to my own question. You need to handle the urls in different ways on iPhone and Android.

    On Android you need to use this way: ./ (with single dot)
    I think it is a kind of bug.

    — answered November 16th 2010 by Adam Wallner
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    • thanks! the single dot actually works on both Android and iPhone so that seems to be the best option

      — commented November 15th 2011 by Jake Jake
  • How are you passing content into the webview? (Through the url or the html property?)

    — answered March 20th 2010 by Marshall Culpepper
  • Through the html property. I generate the HTML from the code.

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Adam Wallner
  • Hmm.. we're probably not setting the root URL correctly. Can you try "app://css/style.css" as your URL?

    — answered March 25th 2010 by Marshall Culpepper
  • Was there ever a solution to this problem? I'm having it as well. I tried 4 methods of linking:





    I ran the iPhone emulator to make sure my paths were correct and it worked just fine in every case. But getting external CSS in android just doesn't seem to work.

    — answered October 6th 2010 by Will Collins
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    • This is 2015 and I still have this issue with 3.4.1 on Android. Any authoritative answer on this? Thank you.

      — commented January 9th 2015 by Gopi Reddy
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