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Difficulty just getting KitchenSink to build on Mac

I like the potential of this product, but I am struggling just getting the IDE to build on my Mac. I was successful getting some mobile applications to build for Android under Windows, but since the goal of my project is to build an iPhone app, I have moved over to the Mac.

Specifically, I am having the following problems:

1) No way to delete duplicate projects when I reimport?<br>
2) I keep reimporting projects and nuking the build directory when the IDE gets stuck like I had to do on Windows. Is this necessary?<br>
3) iPhone debug build fails, wher eis 'output for more details'?

[INFO] Executing XCode build... [INFO] Executing XCode Compiler [toggle output] [DEBUG] executing command: xcodebuild -target KitchenSink -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator3.2 GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS=__LOG__ID__=6b2cb524-763d-4d1e-a00b-c0a7e804750e DEPLOYTYPE=development DEBUG=1 TI_VERSION=1.3.0 IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=3.1 TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY=1 [INFO] Compile completed in 31.278 seconds [ERROR] Build Failed. Please see output for more details

4) Android build gives me these errors (when it properly detects the Android emulator which is roughly half the times I try):

[INFO] Installing application on device [DEBUG] &#x2F;Users&#x2F;Christopher&#x2F;Desktop&#x2F;android-sdk-mac_86&#x2F;tools&#x2F;adb -e install -r &#x2F;Users&#x2F;Christopher&#x2F;Desktop&#x2F;KitchenSink&#x2F;build&#x2F;android&#x2F;bin&#x2F;app.apk [ERROR] Failed installing com.appcelerator.kitchensink: pkg: &#x2F;data&#x2F;local&#x2F;tmp&#x2F;app.apk

I am hardly a Mac expert, so perhaps something isn't installed in the right place (yes I do have the SDK and XCode installed, although I am not sure if it's in the 'right' place or not and cannot seem to find where I tell Titanium where it's installed like I can for Android).

— asked July 6th 2010 by Christopher Williamson
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  • I was seeing the same problem on iPhone and following these instructions seemed to fix it: http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2010/05/titanium-and-iphone-os-4.html

    … though from the description I'm not sure they should have!

    — commented July 11th 2010 by Jamie Lawrence

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