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This is a really frustrating issue

I'm having the same issue, I have an App that was ready to be published to the AppStore but can't publish it now cause the Audio Recording doesn't work on my iPhone 3GS, it does exactly the same thing where it hangs for a couple of seconds then it crashes.

Does anyone know the solution to this, this has to be fixed by the Appcelerator team please.

Many thanks for your help in advance,

— asked July 8th 2010 by Samuel Lopez
  • 3gs
  • audio
  • ios4
  • iphone
  • recording
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  • This is fixed in v1.3.3

    — commented July 8th 2010 by karlo kilayko

3 Answers

  • This is fixed in v1.3.3

    — answered July 8th 2010 by karlo kilayko
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    • And I'll also add that Apple just approved my app update (using 1.3.3) today

      — commented July 9th 2010 by karlo kilayko
  • http://drop.io/2ce3dx2/asset/mobilesdk-1-3-3-osx-zip

    to install - do the following

    1) remove /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/1.3.3? 2) open a terminal window and go to /Library/Application Support/Titanium - and unzip the above from there ? 3) remove contents of the build/iphone/build directory for your project (but not the directory) 4) re-start Titanium Developer and go to the edit project tab and select 1.3.3 for your SDK

    — answered July 11th 2010 by Sj Singh
  • Can you please send me the link to the SDK 1.3.3 can't seem to find it anywhere on the web.

    Thanks in advance.

    — answered July 11th 2010 by Samuel Lopez
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