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Open second map application crash

In my application I need to open two maps in different windows, the application always fails when trying to open the second window, I will try to explain it better,

I have two tabs open Tab1 and Tab2 if tab1 first works well and I see the map if I open the application tab 2 presents me a warning: Sorry The application My app (process com.mydomain.myid) has stoped Unexpectedly. Please try again. With a Force Close button.

If I click the Force button close the application is restarted, in this case if Tab2 first pulse works well and if I click tab1 below the application resubmitted me the same alert and re-start the process.

In short is there any limitation to a single map by application? Well, I can never open more than a map. Would it be possible to kill the first one, removed all traces of it for to see if in this case opens the second without error?

— asked July 12th 2010 by Pedro Camarelles
  • crash
  • map
  • open
  • windows

3 Answers

  • i can confirm this issue with on of my apps, using maps at two windows too

    — answered July 12th 2010 by Christian Sigl
  • In the log of titanium, you see the same error as me?

    Unable to open stack trace file '/data/anr/traces.txt': Permission denied

    you've solved the problem?

    — answered July 26th 2010 by Pedro Camarelles
  • Bill Dawson has solved this question in another post. Thanks Bill.

    — answered July 27th 2010 by Pedro Camarelles
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