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How to purchase "Building Native Apps Series" Videos

Hi all,

I'm trying to purchase the "Building Native Apps Series" videos, however, when I click on the "Buy Now" button (on https://developer.appcelerator.com/package/APPU_ON_DEMAND), I get asked to log in (which I do successfully), then I am presented with different account upgrade options but nothing about the purchase of videos.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?


— asked July 19th 2010 by Christopher Cheong
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3 Answers

  • Did you check this Link here: http://developer.appcelerator.com/training ?

    — answered July 19th 2010 by Michael Gajda
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    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your response. I have tried the page you mentioned, however, I then click on the "Free with update to pro ($300 value!)" icon and that links to the page I previously mentioned. The problem is that that page then (after logging in) shows me options to upgrade my account, and has nothing about video purchases.


      — commented July 20th 2010 by Christopher Cheong
  • You can purchase each video independently by clicking on each or you can buy the series by upgrading to pro. We thought about adding a 'buy entire series' option to the page, but then that would be $300 for the series… or $100 more than a month of professional.

    — answered July 20th 2010 by Scott Schwarzhoff
  • May I upgrade to Pro for just one month (199 US$) in order to have access to the entire "Building Native App” Videos and then downgrade again to the Free Account?

    — answered January 5th 2011 by Jose R Castello
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