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WebView Integration with Saved images

I have an application that is a book so it is really great to be able to layout the pages with html and then using webview. I would like to be able to dynamically add pictures from the camera to my book. So at a particular point I want the user to go to the camera take a picture and then have it appears in the webview. So:

1) I know how to take a picture and save it to a file but how do I now have that picture show up in my webview?

2) How do I make the call from my webview to the .js file that does the picture taking?

3) Finally is there a better way to take an html file with css and make a page that is native vs webview? I have seen some discussion on this topic but no solution so I thought I would ask just in case anyone has found a solution.

Thanks to all who respond.

— asked March 20th 2010 by General Usage
  • camera
  • image
  • mobile
  • webview
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  • Any luck on solving this? I'm looking to do something similar

    — commented September 5th 2011 by Michael Browne

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