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Trimmed Video is not available after editing.

After a video is recorded using the showCamera function, then trimmed, the trimmed video is not provided in the success events 'media' argument.

Where can I access this trimmed video?

    allowEditing: true,
    mediaTypes: Titanium.Media.MEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO
— asked July 24th 2010 by Ken Phillips
  • allowediting
  • showcamera
  • success
  • trimmed
1 Comment
  • I can't believe this hasn't been answered yet. It's a simple question, and obviously a bug/unintended feature.

    — commented March 8th 2013 by Dan Kronholm

2 Answers

  • -subscribe-

    — answered July 24th 2010 by danno watts
  • FYI, I created a module that allows video trimming on iOS: ti.ios.trim

    — answered January 5th 2014 by Martin T
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