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Using AndroidManifest.custom.xml to show the softkeyboard whenever a textfield is in focus

I am able to get the soft keyboard to show from application start upon the first view having a text area focused because of my custom AndroidManifest.xml file. Once no textareas are in focus, I manually have to click a text area for it to come up again (The default way Ti currently works, you have to click on a text area regardless of if it is in focust to make the soft keyboard popup).

I was able to get the softkeyboard up by adding


to the xml file in all of the <activity />

Is there a way to have the soft keyboard always visible whenever a textarea is in focus without having to touch the already in focus textarea? Not just the first time.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

— asked July 29th 2010 by Joseph Burger
  • android
  • androidmanifest.xml

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