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Writing a web-app for Android - Questionable?

I'm working with a small team of college students just starting an Android project, and the nature of my question is really: would this be frowned upon?

Our app is designed to be based on a social network–thus remote SQL databases and a lot of php scripting. Since just about everything that makes our app what it is takes place on the web, we thought about building just about the entire service online, and building the actual app for Android to basically login to an account and access the online service from a webview.

So really, the Android app wouldn't do much besides handle login, access the site with our game on it, and prevent anything BUT an Android from accessing that site.

Is this legit? Would there be a problem with putting this app on the market?

— asked July 29th 2010 by James Herriott
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1 Answer

  • Why not?

    The android market it's not restrictive, and I think what you are trying to do ( if has no porn, etc ) would be accepted in appstore too.

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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