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Alpha, Transparency, Single Instance, Drag and Drop Support, Custom CoDec for Titanium Desktop

{{ Are there any plans for a future implementation of native Alpha / Transparency on windows and window controls ? }}

  • Done, but not showing up in the XML by default (had to look it over in the documentation);

{{ How about Drag and Drop support ? It would be very useful to be able to treat object dropping inside the application… e.g.: you drop a folder on the application window, and this would trigger an event (maybe ObjectDropped??) }}

  • Done (at least the docs say so), but not working under Win32;

Single Instance support would be nice (example: you give your application a unique ID, and, with a simple function, test if that unique ID is already present, and, if it is, just bring it to the front and send some information from the calling process if required).

  • Still waiting for this one…

Custom CoDec ? …meaning Encryption / Decryption for the scripts. This would be done in a very simple and intuitive way: implement a DLL / SO / DYLIB interface that implements just one function: decrypt(). The user would be responsible for implementing the library's actual code and for encrypting the sources prior to packaging. The Titanium core would just hook the decrypt() function and use it right after it reads a source (script) file from disk to decrypt it to the actual readable form. Maybe a password could be used with the decrypt() function, that will be embedded in the final executable to be even harder to expose the contents of a script.

  • This'd be great too…

Oh well, just some ideas worth writing about…

Anyway, great job folks! Keep it up!

— asked August 3rd 2010 by Adrian Voica
  • alpha
  • custom
  • desktop
  • drag
  • drop
  • encryption
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  • transparency

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